Google Adwords

Google Adwords

How to Get More New Clients ASAP With Google Adwords Express from Design Blender

by David Tendrich
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AdWords Express has been a super powerful tool we’ve used to get new clients for our creative agency. It’s gotten to the point where we turn it on / off as needed.

On = contact form submissions almost instantly start rolling in. Off = schedule is full and we’re saturated with work.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s Google’s “smart”, automatic version of AdWords that’s for people like me who hate keyword research and would rather bang my head against a wall than figure all that jazz out.

Social Media

Almost every business out there uses social media. But there’s no doubt some people use it better than others.
You’ve probably seen a company with a wildly successful social media post or hundreds and thousands of followers and wondered: “What are they doing that I’m not?”
Unlike most traditional forms of media and advertising, which are a one way broadcasts from company to consumer, social media, at its most effective, is a two way conversion. Social media’s true potential is unlocked through engagement and interaction. The internet has thousands of messages all fighting for an audience, but when you can get the audience to respond; that’s where the magic happens.

How to make more of an impact on social media.
When it comes to social media: posts are good, campaigns are better.
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