How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership?

How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

Getting into fitness training is great, but sometimes, life takes you in a different direction. If you’re thinking about canceling your Anytime Fitness membership, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with an easy step-by-step guide.

Anytime Fitness, with its presence in over 50 countries, boasts numerous health clubs. Find the one nearest to you and take advantage of their top-notch fitness facilities. Choose a membership plan that suits your needs and get started on your fitness journey.

Canceling your Anytime Fitness Membership is a straightforward process with three options at your disposal. You can visit your local health club and request membership cancellation in person. Alternatively, you can cancel online via their website or simply give their Customer Support team a call for assistance.

Anytime Fitness Membership Plans and Pricing Anytime Fitness is a popular choice for individuals seeking health and fitness clubs. This rapidly expanding franchise offers a wide range of amenities to support your fitness goals.

Here’s a breakdown of their membership plans and associated costs:

Monthly Membership Plan:

  • One-Time Key Fee: $25.00
  • Individual: $35.00
  • Couple: $60.00
  • 3 Adults: $80.00
  • Additional Person Charge: $20.00 for each additional person

Annual Membership Plan:

  • One-Time Key Fee: $25.00
  • Individual: $348.00
  • Couple: $755.00
  • Additional Person Charge: $240.00 for each additional person

Each member is required to pay a one-time key fee of $25 for access to all Anytime Fitness locations. Monthly membership costs $35 for an individual and $60 for a couple, with an additional fee of $20 per extra person. If you prefer an annual membership, the costs remain the same, with an individual paying $348 and a couple paying $755, with an additional charge of $240 per extra person.

How to Cancel Your Anytime Fitness Membership You have three convenient methods to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership: online through their website, in person at your local health club, or by making a phone call to their Customer Support.

Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Online:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official Anytime Fitness website.
  2. Log in to your Anytime Fitness account using your username and password.
  3. Within your account, access the Membership Cancellation page in the Membership Cancellation section.
  4. Provide the required personal and membership details to proceed.
  5. Review the Membership Cancellation fee and confirm. Wait for the confirmation email.

Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership In Person:

  1. Visit your local Anytime Fitness club to cancel your membership in person.
  2. Approach the club’s counter and request membership cancellation.
  3. Complete the Anytime Fitness membership cancellation form with your personal and membership details.
  4. Verify the accuracy of the provided information and return the form to the staff.
  5. The club staff will inform you of any applicable cancellation fees; once paid, your cancellation is complete.

Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership By Phone:

  1. Dial one of the Anytime Fitness phone numbers; for instance, try 1-800-704-5004.
  2. Choose your preferred language when prompted.
  3. Inform the representative that you wish to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership.
  4. Provide the reason for your cancellation, along with any necessary personal and membership details.
  5. Confirm if there is a cancellation fee, if applicable, and your cancellation is finalized.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terminating Anytime Fitness Membership

Can I Freeze My Anytime Fitness Membership?

Yes, you can freeze your Anytime Fitness membership. If you have a 12-month plan, you can freeze it twice for up to 3 months. Contact your home club via email to initiate the freeze.

How Can I Contact Anytime Fitness Customer Support?

For inquiries or issues related to your membership plan, visit the Support page on the official website or call 1-800-704-5004. You can also reach them via email at [email protected].

Can I Cancel My Direct Debit For Anytime Fitness?

It’s advisable not to cancel your Direct Debit, as doing so may delay the membership cancellation process and result in additional charges, according to Anytime Fitness guidelines.

How Much Is Anytime Fitness Cancellation Fee?

If you cancel your Anytime Fitness membership before the minimum term ends, you may be charged a cancellation fee, typically 50% of the balance due. However, no cancellation fee applies if you cancel after the minimum term, provided you give a 30-day notice.

In conclusion, joining a health and fitness club can be a great choice, but circumstances change. If you’re considering canceling your Anytime Fitness membership, follow the steps outlined above to make the process smooth. Remember, you can freeze your account for medical or other reasons, and your cancellation fee may be waived based on your circumstances. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Anytime Fitness Customer Support.


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